Well I am Official.. whatever that means.

Amazing what people attribute as being “Real” and what is not. Spent time and money to make my Business idea and name REAL. To do that you have to pay fees and fill out forms. All asking the same questions. Your name? What you want to call your business? How many employees? Where is it? [...]

August 8th Meeting – Augmentation or Immersion How should we Play within SL?

The next meeting is 8am at Pamalot for the Roadside Philosophers

The subject that is up for discussion is Immersion or Augmentation.

Do we play as if we WERE our avatar and treat others as if that is so.. or do we look at it as another avenue to explore and try out new things? [...]

Society in the Bedroom- July 25th – Meeting Roadside Philosophers

The YouTube video of the exerpts of the meeting…adjust volume for different speakers…sorry

The July 25th Meeting on Society in the Bedroom httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-QdhKjstSI Click on the name to activate above link…Lets hope this works..smile

Black and White of Life? Ummm?

So is there a black and white of life.. maybe.. but I see it as the universe. The creator gave us the blueprint of our existence. We lay on our back at night and stare up into a clear sphereical universe that is mostly black.. some grey.. and our eyes and our hearts naturally travel toward the light. They travel from one dot of light to another just like a moth to the flame…. we all desire some light. (there has been some conjecture in science that the universe is a halogram of a sphere with a finite end) [...]

The Growth Process

The Dawn of Understanding

You know as we grow in real life we have progressions, when I was a child I thought as a child type thing. You almost see the same type of growth occur in SL life.Babyhood: You come in game and you are fascinated to learn how to walk [...]

July 25, 2009 Society & the Bedroom

Saturday at 8am at Pamalot we will have another philosophical brain storming discussion. This time it is on the rights of society to stipulate what goes on in the bedroom.

The presenter of this idea asked how much responsibility does an individual have over his biological desires and the responsibilities he/she has for following thru [...]

Looking for the metaphors for Truth….

There are many facets of my life which have led me to the place where I am today. Interesting what strikes passion in a person as the universe directs the winds of our lifes.