Elephant in the Room- 2010 SLCC presentation Dialog

I didn’t get to go to SLCC this year in Boston, but still got to present via Machinima with Devon & Jenette presenting. We created my contribution with the following dialog.. of course the text alone does not do my voice over justice but hey.. it is here for you to review what was said [...]

Presentation Power Point Slides from SLCC 2009

Here is my power point presentation on the Realities of Virtual Relationships



Opening video for SLCC – Virtual Cruise

Here is the opening video that runs at the beginning of my SLCC convention presentation entitled:

“Shhh, The Realities of Virtual Relationships”



You’re married – NOW what?

I have been in SL now for over two years. I was never going to make the same newbie mistake again with getting married. It was a fun feeling with that special feeling which reproduces the elation of young love, but too many use annominity to hide things that cause pain later. I am [...]

SL & RL Cross over

Ok down to the nitty gritty… How and what crosses over from SL to Real. Sigh…It is hard to say things when you know that it will be taken badly. First let me try to define SL and RL love. SL love is based on spirit to spirit connection that uses this electronic medium [...]

My first SL Relationships paper- After two months of interviews

I have heard a range of stories of SL relationships some lasting years to one night stands that have taken on an epiphany in the mind of the one sharing.. almost a holy shrine in their thoughts…kept special and secret and honored. Everyone deals differently with their emotions and we all respond differently to being so touched and having that magic wash over us. It is NOT to be discounted lightly. [...]