Finally Got the Slides up for a basic State of Being Lecture!

After lecturing around the grid for over the last year and having professors, grad students, business professionals all ask for a method to site this lecture. I finally decided to put up my slides for most of the presentation.

The confusion over what is going on in virtual worlds has kept it down. The [...]

Gridwrap Show with Pamala Clift & AgileBill Firehawk

I was literally told to come be on this show 2 MIN.. before it went on air. The internet does not let you get your thoughts together.. you have to run on the fly… This is the educational process discussion for Agile/Scrum project management training within virtual worlds. It is about a 50 min [...]

Elephant in the Room- 2010 SLCC presentation Dialog

I didn’t get to go to SLCC this year in Boston, but still got to present via Machinima with Devon & Jenette presenting. We created my contribution with the following dialog.. of course the text alone does not do my voice over justice but hey.. it is here for you to review what was said [...]

Presentation Power Point Slides from SLCC 2009

Here is my power point presentation on the Realities of Virtual Relationships



Opening video for SLCC – Virtual Cruise

Here is the opening video that runs at the beginning of my SLCC convention presentation entitled:

“Shhh, The Realities of Virtual Relationships”



SL & RL Cross over

Ok down to the nitty gritty… How and what crosses over from SL to Real. Sigh…It is hard to say things when you know that it will be taken badly. First let me try to define SL and RL love. SL love is based on spirit to spirit connection that uses this electronic medium [...]

August 8th Meeting – Augmentation or Immersion How should we Play within SL?

The next meeting is 8am at Pamalot for the Roadside Philosophers

The subject that is up for discussion is Immersion or Augmentation.

Do we play as if we WERE our avatar and treat others as if that is so.. or do we look at it as another avenue to explore and try out new things? [...]

The Growth Process

The Dawn of Understanding

You know as we grow in real life we have progressions, when I was a child I thought as a child type thing. You almost see the same type of growth occur in SL life.Babyhood: You come in game and you are fascinated to learn how to walk [...]