Is Education Sell-able in it’s current form?

Insight Blog Pamala Clift- The Roadside Philsopher: Posted on Thursday, June 09, 2011 8:26 PM So we have an exorbitant cost associated with buildings, marketing, personnel to keep Universities up and running soooo we can pay for administrators and marketing so we can get more students in to pay higher prices so the University can [...]

Finally Got the Slides up for a basic State of Being Lecture!

After lecturing around the grid for over the last year and having professors, grad students, business professionals all ask for a method to site this lecture. I finally decided to put up my slides for most of the presentation.

The confusion over what is going on in virtual worlds has kept it down. The [...]

That Nasty Invalid word: Assessment


The ONLY thing that somehow seems to mean that our current education is of value is this concept of assessment. Assessment means that someone somewhere who thinks they know something has said what you are doing or what you have learned is correct. Ok lets examine that a bit.

Lets pick something simple… say [...]

Gridwrap Show with Pamala Clift & AgileBill Firehawk

I was literally told to come be on this show 2 MIN.. before it went on air. The internet does not let you get your thoughts together.. you have to run on the fly… This is the educational process discussion for Agile/Scrum project management training within virtual worlds. It is about a 50 min [...]

Luddites Rule Higher Ed

Luddites Rule Higher Ed

I continue to see the educational fiasco sharpen toward absurdity. You would think that in any regular business if there has to be cut backs for economic reasons the business would eliminate the wastes and get down to the core values.. but NOT EDUCATION. .Oh No! That works in total reverse.


Education.. pfft..

I have not added a new post in quite some time, but the added time I have gotten since my work decided that I am too outlandish to work there full time has given me time to focus on my passion.

So within Second Life I work to help people think. A little broad I [...]