Well I am Official.. whatever that means.

Amazing what people attribute as being “Real” and what is not.  Spent time and money to make my Business idea and name REAL.  To do that you have to pay fees and fill out forms. All asking the same questions. Your name? What you want to call your business? How many employees? Where is it? What do you do?  So you write this all down and pay fees.. and POOF!! Now your a real business.  Of course you now have to fill out the same information for two or three other government  entities, not to mention banks so you can write checks.

So banks give you a credit line, you get protection of limited liability, and you get double taxed.. charged fees.. but Hey? Your Official!!

For this little exercise I have this piece of paper on my wall.. (paid $12 to get a frame- but at it is a real nice frame) with the name of my company. So now you get to pay for a website, start a GoogleAdWords campaign struggle with the hosting service not giving you access to the header of your own site, cause they have a flipping interface lock down. *rolls eyes* Google analytics has killed your word campaign cause you can’t link the site with the javascript… You get business cards and a sticker for your window.. and now you get.. To Market!

My least favorite people in college were the marketing majors. They would so smoosh the professors into giving them good grades, trade favors, not study, but still manage to shine everywhere with their charisma. Did they DO anything? sigh.. However, somehow.. magic happens when you employ one.

Here I am the Roadside Philosopher so contemplating that maybe the Roadside would be more fun than marketing.. but it is a part of my life’s perception to understand what motivates people. After listening to marketing lectures I came up with their secret in a short little phrase. “If you can’t sell a solutions…. Sell a Dream!

Well my dream is to have people THINK instead of being cookie cutter robots to marketing…… umm.. am I undermining my goal here?

I want education to WORK. I want businesses to spend some time orienting and transitioning employees into using technology so we stop having luddites fighting the wonders advancements can provide…. and I want to assist people in understanding how virtual relationships play out in real life.. the good & the bad and how to best balance.

So that is my Windmill! … and here is my steed… http://www.virtualhandhold.com as I take my shaky lance (Business license) and as a woman CEO go forward out into the abyss. Giggle what a picture…   The Roadside Philosopher is now CEO of Virtual Handhold, LLC.

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