Artificial Intelligence_ Can you get an inoculation for that?

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Pamala Clift: Posted on Saturday, September 03, 2011 11:39 AM

Just came from a IEEE organizational meeting talking about the timeline for the artificial intelligence field.
The presentation was by a Navi blue avatar that had the label over his head: Evangelist for Virtual Worlds.
I read some profiles and marveled at all the exceptional IQs sitting in one spot., but wait?… they are NOT sitting in one spot. They are sitting all over the world. Speaking from their perspective, .. collaborating in real time… sharing what would be impossible to share with out including the transportation industry.
I got a friendship request from a brilliant scientist that had scanned my profile or laughed at my text comments and decided that I would be good to add to her resources. She didn’t have to wait for the speaker to finish, navigate thru the crowd to meet and introduce herself.  She instantly had a desire to connect.. a thought to share and Wah Laaa..
The deed was done. (No lost business cards to shuffle thorough at the end of conference trying to remember where you picked that card up and who it was from)
I am continually perplexed at the resistance to try a medium that draws such exceptional intellects together? Why is it that the immersive communicative component of a new technology is shunned like a plague.
No, no.. it is not real life!
Well then… phones are not real, nor television information.. lets just go back to digging in the ground with sticks.
So with technology doubling every 18 months… where is that going to leave everyone else…. if only a few are making the effort to keep up? It is too much to absorb for one person or several dozen… only an Artificial Intelligence could possibly have the storage capacity to sift all the information and methods of communication that will be available.
The biological resistance is there.. fighting the progress like a virus.  Who is it that produced this very functional inoculation to intelligence?

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