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The Universe

Black & White of life? Umm?

Posted 5/9/2009 7:17:31 AM


I just had a person describe for me their perception of life. On a flat service he said.. this side is light and this side is black and in the middle are all the shades of grey. If you just stay here on the light side and dont travel in the grey, all will be ok.

Well that might be ok if this were the 14th century and the world was indeed FLAT, but we now know that we live on a sphere. There is no beginning and no end on a sphere. When we travel it can be a straight line in OUR perspectiveONLY… but it will NEVER be straight cause we are on a sphere… we will be traveling with the curvature of the earth or we will be traveling OFF it.

So is there a black and white of life.. maybe.. but I see it as the universe. The creator gave us the blueprint of our existence. We lay on our back at night and stare up into a clear sphereical universe that is mostly black.. some grey.. and our eyes and our hearts naturally travel toward the light. They travel from one dot of light to another just like a moth to the flame…. we all desire some light. (there has been some conjecture in science that the universe is a halogram of a sphere with a finite end)

In the past our ancestors spent an awfully long time looking out into the universe, so much so that they created for themselves pictures to tie in the dots and called them constellations. There are some that say astrology will perdict what happens to our life. Well if it does.. I don’t personally believe that there is anyone on this little planet that has deciphered THAT code cause again we only see it from our one perspective. But I do believe it is our path of life and self discovery to connect the dots of light that we see, to make some sense of our own constellation of existence.

So what does that mean? That means this life will NOT let us stay on our one little dot of light. We can not stay sheltered in the belief I have the light I will travel no more. Our job is to play “Connect the dots”! So if we keep trying to make a straight line unwaivering … the atmosphere of the sphere of light that we are ON…. will eventually fade as we travel and we will be in the grey then the dark.. forced by the universe to endure hardships and difficulties that we previously concluded were outside our realm.. Because we WERE in the light? What happened?

You are traveling…learning … understanding…

But damn it … IT IS DARK OUT HERE! I feel alone. My light is gone. What do I do?

You can connecting the dots!.. smile.. Some of the journey will be dark, a vacuum, lonely.. but that is ok.. IF
You can fix your sites on the next light. The faster you can reset your focus, the faster the dark is only part of the journey. But if you spend all your time trying to recreate and morn over the light that just past? It aint gonna happen. You will continue being in the dark, feeling alone.

You have no choice… your journey’s speed is fixed.. you will progress thru this linear time of life at a fixed speed. There is no going back. The person that learns to control his vision and keeps searching out the dots of light in the universe, chooses his own time to leave the atmosphere of his current dot of light… is happy..and can avoid some of the “drop off into darkness feeling” that happens when the journey into the blackness occurs.

The journey when you step back is interesting in itself. How this dot connected to this dot. .. You could have never predicted. It is all a grand interesting entertainment. Relax and enjoy the journey.




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