Chapter 6

Chapter 6-Insights shared


          Anne told Jack about the deer and the damage to the Ford when he came home at four o’clock.  She told him she hadn’t made it to the bank, and he gave out a sigh of discust.

           “Great…Trouble always comes in threes.  I had a major water break up the mountain today.  Now this.  I can hardly wait to see what else fate has in store for me.  That’s just another thing on my ”List of things to do” list.” He grumbled.

          Anne thought that maybe discussing rocks at this particular moment would not be the best of ideas, so she just quietly followed him out to the vehicle and watched as he surveyed the damage and asked accusing questions.

           “Where did the deer come from?  Couldn’t you have hit your brakes? This fender might have to be replaced.  I don’t know if I can get Bob to fix it.” As he continued to talk, she said nothing.  He really didn’t expect her to answer him. They were mostly rhetorical questions, since she had told him already what had happened, at least from the vantage point of first contact.

           Thankfully the damage was minimal and Jack was soon appeased with a reheated dinner of last night’s spaghetti.

           The third accursed event followed shortly that evening as a very angry redneck neighbor called screaming.

           “You get those /*&^$ goats out of my yard.  I’m going to shoot those &**^%$#  if they step one foot over here.  They ate the flowers off my wife’s plants.”  The obscenities continued over the phone, no matter how much he tried to apologize.  He motioned to Anne to check on the goats.

           She ran outside and found all the goats in their pen, but they had knocked one of the poles down that held the gate.  She didn’t doubt they had returned after being yelled at by her newly moved in redneck neighbor.  Goats were escape artists.  She set the pole up and went back in to tell Jack that it could be so.

           He was yelling back into the phone by this time. “The law states, if you don’t want animals in your yard…YOU put up a fence.”  He hung up fuming.

           “He wouldn’t even let me talk.  Damn inbreeding.”  He wasn’t talking about the goats.

           One of the jokes that they shared came from the fact that the people of the town kept intermarrying and the IQ had decreased accordingly. When they had brought their youngest daughter down from Salt Lake with them, young men suitors immediately surrounded her, even though she was only fourteen.

           Jack and Anne would look at each other and smile, “New gene pool!”

           They went outside and discussed the weakness in the fence while they reconstructed the pole’s footing and placed extra fencing around the low side. The heart pumping adrenal subsided and the evening took on a more relaxed tone. Jack went inside and put the TV on, which meant the trauma was over, and he was on vacation.

           The next couple of weeks she busied herself with cleaning and sorting things in the house.  Her back was hurting again so movement was slow.  She spent more time reminiscing than actually getting anything done.  She would pick up an item and then go to put it away in the file and then review her writings…and then she’d see a picture that belonged in the photo album…then go thru the photo album.

           She felt lost.  She spent hours on the Internet trying to find additional contracts or jobs she could do from home, something that would pull them out of this financial crunch.  She found another contract out of Montana but the paperwork and exact start date kept being pushed back and looked more and more uncertain.

           The physical back pain grew gradually and she retreated to the hot tub. The hot tub sat on the front screened in porch. She was virtually invisible to those passing as she tried to relax and pop her back into the correct position so as to remove the pressure on her lower lumbar.

      When she had dried off and redressed she noticed that the white rock was still sitting on the bathroom counter.  The counter was almost always cluttered, but the rock still looked pretty much out of place.  She decided to put it with the other “collector” rocks they had in the computer room.

           She set it next to the Moqui Marbles and petrified wood in the bowl where they collected their finds and then took a double take.  The black rock from the cougar and the white rock from the deer were glowing light green.  She was sure of it!

           She picked up the black rock in her left hand and the white one in her right.  They both felt warm…much warmer than any of the other rocks. She brought them together slowly and they grew brighter with the green glow.  She moved them away from each other and the glow would dim.  She was almost in a state of panic.  This proves….  This proves….  What does this prove?

           She would at least have something to show Jack.  Now she could tell him the story… both stories completely.  After almost 27 years with her best friend it was hard not to tell him everything.  They always shared everything, but lately he had found his wings and had blossomed into a very self-confident man and his newfound power over-shadowed her at times.  She had lost her job, became an empty nester and was flailing with finding a new identity. Her troubles seemed less real to him then his discoveries, so sometimes while she talked he would zone away to his life and interrupt with some entirely new topic oblivious to the urgency with which she was trying to convey a meaning.  She really had not much to offer him except cheerleading him through his discoveries, and she resolved not to hold his ambivalence against him.

           Jack came in from work that afternoon smelling like diesel gas and heading straight for the shower.  He grumbled under his breath and didn’t give her his normal kiss “Hello,” because he knew that Anne had sensitivity to strong gas smells.

           Anne had a chicken stew almost ready and went over in her mind how she was going to broach the subject of the rocks and get both stories out before he would think she had lost her mind. 

          Jack was good at accepting her far out thoughts and conjectures, it was a sort of entertainment to try and tie life all together from the strangest of angles.  Like what if this planet was really a neutron and the universe was just a complex atom and that atom was just a component of someone’s purse.  Then the tangent would start and they would examine all the reasons it could or could not be true.

          Jack had his specials theories and psychic talents.  He said he could perceive auras.  Anne secretly figured he was just adding color to impressions of people’s personality, but couldn’t altogether dismiss or confirm it either way.

          She felt she had a psychic ability that told if something was going to happen in the future.  It felt to her like maybe the way a bat sends out radar.  She would focus on an event and if it the energy bounced back it was a dead end and wouldn’t happen, but if the energy just went…then it was going to happen.  She could do that mostly with family members, but at times strange bursts of worldly news items would jump out at her for no particular reason.  She would then gather up her courage and make strange announcements of absolutes about the feelings she had just felt, thus testing whether her gift was genuine. 

 For instance when the news of cold fusion hit the TV and the Utah Congress was allocating money hand over fist; she suddenly knew that “It was not so.” She knew that this experiment wasn’t true, and they had NOT discovered cold fusion.  She knew nothing about the mechanics of the whole thing or it’s consequences.  She just knew with absolute certainty that the people on the news had NOT discovered cold fusion.  She told her husband and anyone who would listen that she knew it wasn’t true.  The outcome now in hindsight proved her right, but she couldn’t call that ability up on demand.  News items of great importance came only when they wanted. 

 Once when they had made plans to go to Kauai and the airline tickets were bought and time was ok’d off of work for both of them, she announced that they would not be going this year.  She even told her mother-in-law that for some reason they would not be going.  No one could figure out where she was getting her thoughts cause no one could think what could possibly stop the trip.  Then the horrible hurricane hit Kauai and all travel was canceled for months as repairs and construction items took up the air traffic.

 It was both a blessing and a curse this knowing-things-in-advance stuff.  The kids use to come to her about going to a party and ask if they should go.  She would check her internal Geiger counter and tell them if the party was ok, or if something bad would happen.  She was usually told later if she was right.  Towards the time when all four of her kids were teenagers and everything was going wrong from all angles, having the foresight to see lots of bad things….was not a good thing.

 She remembered when she first became aware of the internal Geiger counter.  She was around five years old and trauma was again running high in the house.  Her Mother had laughed at something she had done the day before and she duplicated the behavior again that evening and found that she was in deep trouble. It could have been something that in a child’s frame of reference was totally out of context and therefore not as appropriate as it had been on the previous occasion, because this time her Mom went thru the roof and told her she was bad and beat her and pulled her hair and sent her to bed without supper.

 Crying uncontrollably she knelt by her bed and prayed and said she was sorry and how confused she was, and pleaded with the questions of what she did wrong.  She even remembered some of the words she had prayed. “Please don’t let me do that to my kids.” At that time she got the feeling that everything was all right and that she would know what was right from looking at a certain spot inside her.  It seemed to her that it was the Holy Ghost. She had been taught in Sunday school that the Holy Ghost could help a person choose right from wrong. He was a comforter also and could help make a person feel better. She felt from that time forth, that no longer were her parents the last word on anything.  They would tell her something and then she would look at the spot inside her and it would confirm if something was true or false.

After that her mother would mention that she believed the Holy Ghost didn’t like her, and Anne would think to herself that it was because the Holy Ghost had to take over her mother’s job. She had two younger brothers, and a father that was in the Navy. He was never home so life always centered on her mother.  Mother was the ultimate authority until the Geiger counter.

  Her mother had had a hard life.  She was in a motorcycle gang before it was cool. Anne’s father was her fifth husband. Things were dysfunctional from the beginning.

 Coming back to the here and now, none of these thoughts gave her any hint as to how to approach Jack when he got out of the shower about the rocks.   She just went over to the them and picked one up in each hand.

 Jack got out of the shower and wondered where Anne was.  She had been quiet as of late and he felt like there was something she wanted to tell him, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to hear it.  He was excited about Search & Rescue and his prominent and beloved place in the community, and she was out of it all.  She didn’t belong to anything and wasn’t making any income and he didn’t know of anyway to make her feel any better so avoided deep conversational topics.  It wasn’t that he didn’t care that she was in pain; it was just that he didn’t want to face the fact that he couldn’t make it all better for her.

 He wandered out of the bedroom with a towel around him to see if he could get a visual on where she was.  But when he turned the corner he came face to face with his beloved standing and looking deeply into his eyes.  In her left hand was a black rock and in her right hand was a white rock, but the shock came when he saw the smile.  She was elated about something.  She didn’t say a thing but looked first at one rock and then the other and then kept bringing them closer together and then drawing them apart.

 He was puzzled and watched her repeat the motion three times.  A look of confusion crossed her face when after the third time he hadn’t made a comment.  He decided he would try to see her aura and maybe that would tell him where she was coming from.  When he squinted his eyes and focused; he watched the motion a fourth time.  Her aura was a steady light blue as it almost always was, but when the rocks came close together there was aura sparks of white light.  His facial expression changed to one of confusion and that seemed to make Anne happy again. The fifth repeat of the motion with the bringing of the rocks together and then apart clearly showed that her aura was including the rocks and when they got close together the auras from both hands merged into a white light of great intensity.

 “What’s this?” he mumbled out finally.

 “So do you see it?” Anne said while she was holding her breath. “Do you see the green light?”

 “Well…not a green light, but I can see that they are linked to you and your aura.” Jack stared back puzzled.

 “What do you see?” Anne queried.

 “I see that you and the rocks are together and they link together in white light when you put them close. Where did you get them and what does it mean?”

  Jack had given her the opening.

 Anne then started a story that took quite awhile to tell.  He had remembered the deer incident, because he had to have some minor damage repaired on the Explorer, but the incident while he was gone on the search left him bewildered. “Why didn’t you tell me this when I got home?”

“You would have been very mad at me.  All I had was a black rock to show for it.  I guess I wasn’t really sure it had actually happened.” She pleaded.

 “So now that you have two glowing rocks…Do you know what it means?”

 She continued on about the “memory” of the pond and seeing thru the eyes of the others and finally concluded with, “It is the beginning of something big. A Grand Adventure.  I can feel it.  I don’t know what, but I am excited and feel something is going to happen.”

 They talked thru the rest of the night about why two rocks would glow when put together.  Discussed all sorts of bizarre theories, Matter-Antimatter, Mexican Jumping Bean type insects that glow, positive & negative electric charges…her energy’s interaction; toxic waste, but nothing seemed to fully explain things or why she saw it one way and he another.

 Jack at least thought that his trouble with trying to appease her was at least over.  She had something going for her. A metaphysical experience was enveloping her and he was glad to be able to see enough of the metamorphosis that it confirmed to her that she wasn’t crazy. There was indeed something happening with her and the rocks, he hoped it was as grand as she had hoped and not just a strange natural phenomenon. 


Anne was thrilled not to be experiencing this alone.  Jack was her best friend and keeping this from him for any length of time made her feel crazy.  Even if he had suggested that she check out a psychiatrist, she would have been more comfortable about things with at least being able to share her questions with him. He couldn’t see what she saw but with his aura sight, he could tell that something was going on…and that was comforting.