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What does that mean?

 Below is about an hour show…The Tonight Show in SL- Interviewed by Paisley Beebe— I start at 38 min.

I had a nice conservative suit on but the viewer glitch, showed a ball gown I had worn earlier.. sheesh.

Who is going to take me seriously like that.. oh Well Murphy’s Law.

Meeting schedules for the Roadside Philosopher Meetings along with the topics and some highlights of the thoughts. (Catagories)

The book: The Roadside Philosopher – A Novel, Maybe?  (Web pages should be listed)
which is under construction and you are allowed to comment and suggest corrections.

My Second Life notices of learning points and activities. (Catagories with pics & blogs)

Virtual Relationships – How this brand new medium is sweeping away the most intelligent to doing things that are foreign to them. Maybe I have a hint how to approach this. (Catagories with Blogs and pics)

Education – What the heck? Does anyone believe Acadamia has NOT lost it’s way.. or is not sooo behind the times with it’s archane rules and slow methodologies  that the degree that is offered in these modern times is worthless. (Catagories with Blogs).. alright maybe a little strong there but you can see where I am coming from..smile

Comments about our Real life and the blindness that is around us.. hopefully with humor.  Sort of like the jester pointing out the absurdities of life type thing. (Catagories with blogs)

Hopefully will get Twitter and YouTube and Facebook references in here as well.. along with what ever blog I see that is brillant!  Share your thoughts.

The Roadside Philosopher is quite a few things.

  1. It is a group that has been around in Second Life since the beginning of 2007 and  meets fortnightly for two hours to discuss philosophical matters of world importance  using the Virtual World as a metaphor for truth.  Here we look  blantantly at the WHY?  (If you ever ask Why.. you are hearby declared to be a philosopher.)  This is a first person group meaning that only YOUR experiences are allowed and are considered valid.  We do not pour creedance on our opionions with the quoting of someone dead. This is the FIRST generation of philosophers in ALL of HISTORY that has computers and virtual worlds to measure truth against and to experience MORE than one vantage point. We need to take up that banner and fly high and fast with it…comparing what we know with what has been understood for ages, questioning.

  3. The Roadside Philosopher is also the main portion of the title of my book. A book that was started in 2004 and I had better get my butt in gear to finish.  So I am putting up what I have and will be working on it and allowing others to comment and correct as I spin the tale of the purpose of life.

  5. The Roadside Philosopher is ME.  In Second Life I am known as Pamala Clift in real “I am a PC”.. hehe.. well that will work for now. The title came about because I don’t care. I don’t care if you accept my thoughts or not. Whether you cast me to the side of the road and I wander, or embrace the thoughts and run off in your own direction. But I do feel compelled to express them.  I have a favorite quote from the Valley of Fear-When Watson approached Sherlock Holmes with the question, “Why of all the detectives in Scotland yard only this ONE detective asks you for help? “(paraphrasing) His response, “Medocrity knows NOTHING higher than itself, but intelligence instantly recognises genius.”