The Roadside Philosopher – A Novel Maybe?


Solitude provides for thought

Solitude provides for thought

I am writing this book because I have to. My thoughts will not stay contained and I anguish over my ability to set it down in some coherent form. This novel contains me and many of my realizations. So is this book true? I was always told, “Write what you know about.” I’ll let the reader discern what truth reveals itself to your soul.    Why? Is the question I have asked often…and because I have asked it; I have been privileged with some answers. I am writing this book to put down the epiphanies of my life and the spiritual and intellectual realizations that have caused me to experience hope, forgiveness, love, and the realization that there is more. And that “More” is controlled by a conscience entity most often referred to as God.

I believe that truth is just one great big whole. There are multiple view points necessary to get a complete picture. (That is if, indeed a complete picture can be had in this life.) I am not writing this to convert anyone over to my theology. I am offering the only thing I can with 100% accuracy, my perspective and internal insights.
So here it is for what it is worth, embedded in this novel, the realities from my viewpoint on this wonderful sculpture called Life!

We do not live for reality; We live for our fantasies.

Author: Pamala Clift